Proper Drainage Will Save Your Landscape


In the realm of landscaping, there is one crucial element that is often overlooked yet it ensures the stability and longevity of structures and landscapes: proper drainage. Here’s why proper drainage is a fundamental aspect of any landscaping project.

Water is notorious for its destructive potential. Proper drainage reduces the potential damage to plants, trees, patios, pavers, and even house foundations. By directing water away from vulnerable areas, drainage systems safeguard against the impact of water flowing to the wrong places.

Landscape plants and lawns prefer well-drained healthy soil. This is especially true in Rockland County where heavy clay soils are found. Clay soil develops dense layers that hinder drainage. Poor drainage can prevent a landscape from flourishing and impact the health of plants by waterlogging the soil which prevents plant roots from getting enough oxygen. By facilitating the removal of excess water, drainage systems promote optimal soil conditions fostering healthy plant growth. Too much standing water can also lead to fungal growth which can emit a strong odor and eventually kill grass and other plants by denying them oxygen. In addition to structural damage and inhibiting plant growth, poor drainage can lead to insect infestations including mosquitoes and termites.

In some cases, a French drain can be built to combat excess water. French drains are trenches filled with gravel or rock that redirect water away from the area of concern. Swales can also be used; these are shallow ditches designed to carry water away from low-lying areas. They can be planted with water-tolerant vegetation to enhance their effectiveness and aesthetics. Another option is grading the landscape to direct water away from structures and low lying areas.

Proper drainage allows for a dry and safe environment for your landscape but also for your family and pets. By ensuring that your garden and yard have proper drainage, you will be keeping the soil healthy and strengthening the plants, bushes and trees in your garden and reducing the risk of insects, mold, and water damage to decks, patios and even your home.

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