BarterSaves Acquires Hudson Barter Exchange Increasing Membership to 3,000 Across NJ, NY, PA, MD, VA, FL and DC


BarterSaves LLC, based in Red Bank and New Jersey’s largest independently-owned barter exchange, has announced the acquisition of Hudson Barter Exchange (HBX), a division of Hudson Trade Network, Inc. The deal, finalized on August 7th, is the fourth acquisition for the company which now boasts an expansive membership of approximately 3,000 members located in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washington DC.

Joining a barter exchange allows businesses and individuals to optimize their resources by trading goods and services without the need for cash, fostering new business relationships and expanding their network. Exchanges often use a system of "credit units" which are awarded to members who provide goods and services which can then be redeemed for goods and services from other members. Additionally, it provides a structured platform for multi-party trades, eliminating the limitations of direct one-to-one bartering and enhancing liquidity in assets as well as providing a versatile and efficient alternative to traditional monetary transactions.

HBX, located in Elmsford, NY, amassed a membership of more than 1,000 businesses across a wide range of industries over the last 16 years. Owned by Kevin and Karen Brown, HBX provides business owners with options for selling more products and services through barter as well as opportunities to reduce overstocked inventory, sell available seats to sporting events, concerts and theatre events, and fill appointment time slots. Hudson Trade Network, Inc. will maintain an ownership stake in BarterSaves. Kevin Brown, CEO of HBX, will serve as Vice President for BarterSaves and assist with the integration of HBX members into the BarterSaves system while continuing to provide the hands-on customer support which has become a hallmark of the company.

"I’m excited about the opportunity this provides for HBX members. It will give them a larger network to sell their products and services to as well as many more options for using their barter credit. George and René Ackerson are veterans of the barter business and place equal importance on execution and integrity when operating a reciprocal trade exchange. We anticipate this will increase membership as well as more businesses understand the benefits of this vast network,” stated Kevin Brown.

Owners of BarterSaves, George and René Ackerson, are excited to expand into the New York metro region. Both started their careers working in New York City and the exchange serves many members of who live in or visit the New York area regularly.

"We look forward to expanding the existing market while helping all of the barter members increase their purchasing power using barter instead of cash. The HBX region is a fantastic addition to the family of markets that BarterSaves currently serves. Having Kevin on board accelerates our ability to execute the larger vision and long-term goals of the company," states George Ackerson, CEO.

BarterSaves, founded in 2015, partners with businesses in a wide variety of areas including payroll, bookkeeping, home improvement, electricians, plumbers, restaurants, healthcare, spas, salons, advertising, media, mattresses, entertainment, parties, travel, jewelry stores, photography, website development, auto repair, retail stores, attorneys, tickets to shows and events, wedding services and more.

More information about BarterSaves can be found at or by calling 800-9-BARTER extension 100 or emailing The company’s Facebook page is

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