Spotlight on Inspiration - Kevin Brown, CEO, Hudson Barter Exchange


Editor's Note: I am so happy to call most of the people highlighted in these profiles friends and colleagues, but I am also learning new things about them as I prepare these for publication. I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am! Please let me know your thoughts or feel free to recommend someone to be profiled by sending an email to me at -- Risa Hoag

Kevin Brown
Hudson Barter Exchange

How did you get to be in the job you have now?

In search of becoming a business owner, we found this profoundly unique business.

What career did you think you would have when you were in high school?


What was the best advice you ever received?

Everyone believes in their own truth.

What piece of advice would you give to college seniors?

Try to travel around the US as much as possible so you can see where the other side is coming from.

Do you have a particular charity you support? And why?

Community Housing Initiative because they don't just help people lacking means by giving them money, they provide them with expertise and support to get help them become self-sustaining.

Do you have a personal goal for 2023?

To be in one of Risa's Spotlights!

Do you feel you have a good work/life balance? If so, why or how did you achieve that?

Yes....since Covid I have stopped working interminable hours.

When you feel stuck, how do you recharge yourself or get inspired?

Take a vacation or work remotely from somewhere that inspires me.

Do you have a hobby?

I coach Youth Basketball and have for the last 15 years. I also am a fanatical pickleball player.

Do you have a habit you wish you could break?

I wish I could stop looking at my phone so much.

Name one thing you are working towards in 2023?

Business expansion.

What one thing would you try (or do) if you weren’t afraid?

Scuba dive the reefs.

If money wasn’t a concern, what would you be doing right now?

Fishing and swinging on a hammock reading another book.

Name one or two of your favorite movies.

The Big Chill, The World According to Garp

Name one or two of your favorite books? And why.

Any Espionage Novel from Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler or JD Robb.

What do you want your legacy to be? Or how do you want to be remembered?

As a guy who was passionate about connecting people to help them get ahead.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your work or interests?

I am married to a Mayor of a town which is a whole new perspective on volunteerism.

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