Calmfidence® Daily - Gratitude is Anxiety’s Kryptonite!


Yes, Gratitude is Anxiety’s Kryptonite!

Many studies have shown that your brain can’t focus on both positive and negative thoughts at the same time. So literally, you can’t be grateful and anxious simultaneously.

You can, thus, derail your anxiety by being grateful.

Research shows gratitude stimulates the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that regulates anxiety.

Your brain loves to look for things that prove what it already believes to be true. So once you start seeing things to be grateful for, your brain starts looking for more things to be grateful for. What you focus on will always expand!

In Positive Psychology studies gratitude is associated with increased levels of happiness. When you practice gratitude you’ll increase positive emotions, be more mindful of good experiences, appreciate those around you more, create stronger relationships, deal with adversity better, and even improve your health. Gratitude helps you savor and thrive in life!

Here are some easy ways to make gratitude your superpower:

  • Each morning and before you go to sleep think of 3 things you are grateful for. Big or small.
  • Thank people in your life. Thank those you interact with throughout your day. Let them know you appreciate them. Many people just don’t hear it enough. A little thank you goes a long way for everyone involved. Those good vibes will come back to you.
  • Remember that some of the things we take for granted might be things that someone else is praying for.
  • Remind yourself that you “get to be here” many people no longer do. Make it count.
  • Thankfulness is an emotion. Gratitude is an attitude of appreciation. Appreciating daily life even during the in between days that feel neutral or unexciting makes the most of the gift of time.
  • Be generous with compliments. You will help others feel good as you feel the positivity flow through you.
  • Be grateful for who you are. You are unique. You are enough. You are actually pretty awesome.
  • Pay it forward - volunteer or surprise others with random acts of kindness, anonymous ones are even more powerful.
  • Use gratitude to neutralize toxic emotions like resentment or envy.
  • Know that research also shows that practicing gratitude can strengthen your immune system, lower blood pressure and bring you deeper, more restoring sleep.
  • Studies show grateful, optimistic people live happier, longer, more fulfilling lives. Now that’s a superpower we can all use!

I am grateful for you reading this article.  Wishing you and your family a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. 

Patricia Stark is a professional speaker, communication coach and trainer, and Author of Calmfidence - How to Trust Yourself, Tame Your Inner Critic, and Shine in Any Spotlight. Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Audible, and your favorite bookstore. Order Your Copy Here

As President of Patricia Stark Communications and Calmfidence® Workshops she provides Personal & Professional Development coaching and training focusing on public speaking, media training, virtual presentation training, talent development, body language, emotional intelligence, stress & anxiety relief, and peak performance for Adults and Teens. A Certified Personal & Executive Coach (CPEC of the CaPP Institute -Coaching & Positive Psychology) & a Certified Body Language Trainer (Body Language Institute Washington DC), Patricia holds certificates in Eclectic Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Visualization/Guided Imagery (LIU).

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