Your Resolution to Protect Your Business’ Confidential Information and Reputation-The Solution


According to The Identity Theft Resource Center, 50% of small businesses have experienced a breach in the last 2 years. 2022 is the year to implement the records retention plan to maximize your protection and reduce your vulnerability.

First and foremost, your plan should include identifying all sources of data that enter and exit your business and take every measure possible to limit collection of extraneous information. Less information taken in is less information that needs to be processed, stored and ultimately destroyed. Reduce with a vengeance!

When it comes to expired confidential paperwork and electronic data, shredding is still the most secure and efficient solution.

Your file boxes, media, and electronics house a treasure of information that thieves would love to have. When you shred your client information, personnel files, and other sensitive records, you are protecting the integrity of your relationships inside and outside your office doors.

Security and Efficiency

Office shredders are fine for small amounts but fall far short when it comes to higher volumes. Likewise, when it comes to thick files, accounting ledgers, retired computer towers, obsolete tablets and cell phones office shredders are just not up to the task. Hard drives and electronics require labor, know how, and dedicated equipment to completely destroy all private information.


Fear of the IRS is still tops for most of us and for businesses that extends to exposure to fines and penalties for failure to comply with all manner of federal and state regulations. There are more than 40 Federal laws mandating that all businesses, healthcare, and financial institutions protect confidential information of their clientele. By outsourcing shredding, the certificate of destruction establishes due diligence and clear compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA and other federal and state data protection laws.

Sustainable business practices

Sustainable business practices are no longer just window dressing and good PR. The pandemic showed us more prominently than ever we rely on recycled paper as a resource to keep shelves stocked with toilet paper, paper towels and the like. Outsourced shredding services recycle the shredded paper which then also helps protect one of our largest natural resources—Trees. Recycling paper creates meaningful environmental savings all around.

As a small business you face so many challenges out of your control; make 2022 the year you develop and implement the data retention plan to find peace of mind and NOT become another data breach statistic.

About the author-Judith Papo is founder/president of Legal Shred now celebrating its 15th year providing secured data destruction in NY, NJ, CT and parts of Massachusetts.

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