HARLAN DAVIS Celebrates Milestone


In February, Harlan Davis celebrated 20 years of helping Merchants with their credit card processing. Harlan Davis was founded in 2004 by award-winning credit card processing expert Scott H. Wagner. A Payments industry veteran since 1991, Wagner started Harlan Davis because he felt he could build a “better mouse trap.” 

After spending 13 years in the industry, Wagner knew he could build a company based on simple ideas like more clearly explaining how the industry works, always providing wholesale processing rates and ensuring all accounts were dealt with in a transparent manner.

“We want our clients to process with us because they want to, not because they have to,” says Wagner. To underscore the significance of the benefits they provide, Harlan Davis never locks clients into multiyear processor contracts and always provides high-quality support.

The staff at Harlan Davis understands that credit card processing is complicated and often companies aren't sure if the offer they are getting is in their best interest. That's why, since 2004 Harlan Davis has been explaining how the industry works in simple terms that business owners can understand. 

While many businesses stay with their current credit card processing company for 18 months on average, Harlan Davis clients average a ten year history. Thanks to their clear communication, transparency when it comes to their services, and top notch customer services, Wagner and his team have become the trusted partner for local, regional and even national businesses, enjoying a 20-year history and an outstanding reputation. 

For more information, visit https://www.harlandavis.com/  

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