Veolia Reacts to the EPA's New PFAS Drinking Water Regulations


EPA PFAS decision

Veolia supports the EPA’s new PFAS drinking water regulations and has been moving aggressively to meet the challenge of protecting public health and the environment by treating regulated PFAS compounds in drinking water.

Veolia began working closely with local authorities in 2019 to launch a robust PFAS management plan for drinking water wells, before New York State or the EPA enacted standards on PFAS in drinking water. PFAS treatment is already operating on the water supplies for 50,000 people, approximately 10% of the entire population of 500,000 people Veolia serves in New York.

Veolia recently completed installing new treatment systems at 17 sites that exceeded one or more state PFAS limits in 2020, and regulated PFAS are no longer detected in the water they produce. Veolia is continuing to design, construct and install PFAS treatment systems at drinking water wells in New York, including two wells which reported exceeding state PFAS limits for the first time earlier this year.

Treatment systems for another 100,000 people in New York are now in permitting and pre-construction. Veolia continues to plan and install new PFAS treatment systems in New York as required by evolving regulations and updated water quality measurements, using lessons from the earlier installations to speed the process of adding more.

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